विषय-प्रतिमा प्रश्न बोइङ 737-800 जेट 2.com अनुकूलता 64-bit FSX र P3D प्याकेज

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Is this package
Boeing 737 क्लासिक बहु Livery प्याक FSX र P3D

Is this package compatible with P3D V4?
I am asking this question because I had problems with the Boeing 737 Classic Multi Livery Pack FSX & P3D ....
In fact, after installing it, it creates errors that are indicated by the closing of P3D. And reported in a log file "ObjectLoadErrors.FLT". I uninstalled it, and now I want to know if the module mentioned in the object is compatible.

Read you later.

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As the transition continues, look at the description at the site before downloading. If it says 100% compatible with V4 then it should work okay, the only thing that might be a issue is sound file callouts . The reason is the dll is replaced with xml for the 64 bit version. If the description reads P3D 3/ 4 to be tested, then it means just that. Dynamic lighting is not working for any freeware to date , so turn that feature off, when flying a freeware aircraft. Over time I am sure there will be corrections. I have noted that aircraft working in P3D V 3.4 seem to port over with the least amount of bugs

कृपया लग - इन or खाता खोल्नुहोस् कुराकानीमा सामेल।

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