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1 leto 10 meseci #724 by Leocha1

I'm new around here and discovered this website yesterday.
For a very very long time I'm a proud user of flight simulator 2004, and still have a lot to discover.
I came across this site after i googled for best freeware planes.
It was amazing what I found here.

Therefore I would like to say thank you very much for this high quality of freeware products.


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1 leto 10 meseci #726 by Dariussssss

Pozdravljeni in dobrodošli v Rikoooo.

One big thank you for all the kind words. My way to come here was pretty much the same as yours. I'm on FSX now but long time a go,I was also on FS2004,which is not bad at all.

We will do our best to make your stay here as best as possible. :)

Once again,thank you very much and welcome.

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1 leto 9 meseci #741 by Apollo21

I would like to say thanks for all the freeware downloads you provide, i have been using your site for a number of months and should have thanked you before but what as as among other things is that while on ebay generally looking at planes etc I came across someone selling (Freeware Aircraft) so I messaged him and asked if they were indeed freeware because I had the same planes he was offering, and was wondering if they were actually freeware or payware he replied and said they were free ware he said essentially a bundle of freeware in one pack. Now this does not seem right to me, to rip off all the people that have designed and published these planes .
Maybe its none of my business but personally I think its totally wrong ,I'm feel sure its not legal maybe it is I don't know I just want to warn people about this all the aircraft on the disks are available from Rikoo or some of the other download sites.

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