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5 meseci 3 tedni #1351 by gero-1954

Pozdravljeni vsi,

I tried to install the ATR 42/72 for P3D4, but at the beginning I am asked to de-install my FSX- and FSX:SE ATR's (see attached screenshot).

Although all are in different subdirectories.

However, I want to keep the FSX-Installations - so I cancelld the P3D4-Installation.

Does anyone have a solution of the problem? Or are the FSX-Versions re-installed after being (temporarily) deleted, together with the P3D4-Installation?

Greetings, gero


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5 meseci 3 tedni #1356 by geowil

what I do is back up the atr files in aircraft file plus panels and sound and effects files in main directory copy to a different location on you pc or a external hard drive then let the program delete the files and let it install it may put the files back on fsx and your steam one if not copy and paste the files you backed up back into fsx and steam and all will be back in place easy as. it is easer to back up all those files above than trying to pick out the ones belong to the atr p.s when it asked you to overwrite the files just say yes to all wont hurt the game.

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