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I'm the main developper at FlightStudios (ex OFX Interactive Simulation) and i'm glad to introduce to the whole community our membership program (15,00 € for 2 years with full access).

FS+ is the only subscription offer in the market, it permit to bring your simulator to the next level, no need to make a choice you can satisfy all your aeronautical desires without compromise. During your subscription period you will have access to an unlimited amount of airports, cities, environment sceneries, patches, miscellaneous and the FS+ media insight. We will charge you one time (at the date of your initial subscription) and you can unsubscribe at any time.

With the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator with a new ecosystem the FS+ subscription will be the most powerful tool to enhance your airports.

Discover now our new scenery : South America Landclass Region

Link: Flight Studios website

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