Mawduuca-icon Su'aal FSX ATA B757-200 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVERY

bilood 9 3 hours ago #1213 by garcam

I DO NOT have FS2004 anymore, BUT I DO HAVE FSX and I'm asking ...Do you have any plans of launching an FSX presentation of this same AIRLINE,AIRCRAFT AND LIVERY? I oncw flew on this AMERICAN TRANS AIR B757-200 In this LIVERY FROM CHICAGO TO SAN-FRANCISCO I believe and this ATA LIVERY bought back great memories for me back then. Thank you in advance and kindly awaiting your response on this subject.

Kind Regards,
Gary Camejo.

e-mail : Cinwaanka email Tan waxaa lagu dying from corruption. Waxaad u baahan tahay Add to view. guuradii

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