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1 vit më 4 javë më parë # 1118 by Vjetër John

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As my user name suggests I am over 60. My real world flying experience was a long time ago in a Chipmunk and a Vickers Varsity. I started flight siming some 16 years ago with FS a centenary of flight and a pc from PC world. Over the years I have spent a fortune on software and hardware, forever striving for reality. I now have a top of the mid range PC from Chillblast. Oculus VR and orbx scenery. My pc was bought July 2017 and came with Windows 10. I then put FSX Steam in. All of this has been in pursuit of flying one particular aircraft. The Douglas DC3. Just Flight Legends of Flight is almost perfect, as I live in Licolnshire not far from RAF Coningsby and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Dakota ZA947. I am also a regular visitor to Duxford both in the real world and the siming world. There is a lovely freeware that has an air-show option so I can fly alongside the flying fortress 'Sally B'. All is good in my world but here comes the big bang. FSX Steam decided it would not play nice with Windows 10. So I had to bite the bullet and switch to P3D V4. Here comes the downer Legends of Flight DC3 will not load into P3D. Nor will the freeware Duxford. So finding your C47 is an absolute godsend. It is perfect, I should know as I have been on board a real Dakota. OK there's no smell. But as close to reality as a sim can get. My only criticisms, no niggles, are the sound or lack of it for switches and fuel pumps and call outs. I fly the paratrooper and would have liked it in RAF colours. Next year in the real world there is going to be Daks over Normandy dropping parachutists on the Normandy landing sites. I will of course be flying a sim version. I also hope to get a trip in a Dakota. But once again thank you for this fantastic Dakota for which I would have gladly paid.

John Caselton (Old John)

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1 vit më 4 javë më parë # 1119 by rikoooo

Hi John,

Thank you for your nice introduction. We are happy that you can fly the C47 with no issue . Welcome to the forum.

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