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1 selemo 1 months ago #1104 by khalase

E mong le e mong,
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Alistair and I live in Northern California. I recently got back into simming and purchased P3Dv4. There's a ton of freeware out there, but compatibility with v4 can be difficult to ascertain from some of the sites. I like the fact that Rikoooo's downloads are self-contained executables so I don't have to worry about messing up effect, gauge or sound folders etc. The ability to uninstall cleanly is also a bonus. A jumbo subscription was a no-brainer.

I enjoy flying commercial jets as well as small props and jets. My landings in commercial jets are not working out so well, so I need practice.

I like a bit of immersion so I've added:

and for the scenery:
FTX Global
FTX Global Vector
Open LC Europe, NA and SA
The Scotland, England and NorCal regions from ORBX.

I have a relatively old rig based around a Core i5-2500k quad core. Since I bought it, I've upgraded the RAM to 16GB, installed an SSD for the OS and a dedicated SSD for games, and added a GTX 1050 Ti card. It does OK on my old 1680 x 1050 monitor.
For simming purposes I have the TrackIR 5 and a HOTAS Cougar (un-modded except for a replacement pot in the throttle) and TMaster rudder pedals.


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