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Мавзӯъ-тасвири савол AFG Caravelle Help please

сол 2 2 моҳ пеш - сол 2 2 моҳ пеш #568 by calypso999

I used to love flying the AFG Caravelle in FS9.

I came across your site and spotted the Caravelle. Needless to say, I downloaded it and installed on FSX Steam where I have a number of complex aircraft ( PT Tu-154B2, DC-9, etc.).

Installation went well and I soon had that old familiar Caravelle panel loaded.

Basically two problems though.

Engines refuse to start smoothly. They will reach a certain RPM and when I open the start valves the revs just stay there. No start.

I cannot get my flaps to work. No movement on the flaps gauge and no movement of the flaps themselves.

I would be really grateful for any help/suggestions.

Feels like a panel/gauge problem to me. Anyone else on Steam having the same experience please25?


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