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Дар ин ҷо баъзе аз скриншотҳоро дар FSX дода мешавад. Умедворем, ки аз он мехоҳам.

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сол 2 2 моҳ пеш #585 by Gh0stRider203

Went old school the other day, and took our 707-320 out for a couple flights.

Sadly while on leg 3 I realized, I won't be able to finish out the trip as I wasn't going to have enough flight hours left on the airframe and would have to put her into maintenance after leg 3.

The tail flash was never used on a 707 (they only have it on a 737, 757, and 767), but I'm rather fond of it so I put it together in photoshop and have it on a few repaints I've done. (the actual body I didn't do. Tried, but was having issues with it, so I found this one online for now)

Leg 1: KDAL - PMDY

Leg 2: PMDY - WMKP (pics were taken on the approach to WMKP)

Leg 3: WMKP - FAOR

Амрико Airways VA
Молик / CEO


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Good day Gh0st ,,, whats up buddy ,,, are you still flying your AA airliners routes ?
Was away for the hole summer ,,, drop by to say hello ...

Hope your well and all is fine on your side of the world ,,, :)

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