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Мавзӯъ-тасвири савол Project Opensky 777 heading hold swich problem.

сол 2 1 ҳафта #662 by ricsmi

Салом баччаҳо.

Downloaded and flew the Project Opensky Boeing 777 today and its a lovely plane, the only problem I'm having is that the heaading hold swich doesn't seem to work.

Set auto pilot to on as per usual and set the heading you want then press the hold swich as you would in other aircraft, but it just lock on to the current course instead, I've tried all sorts but it always does the same thing.

Any ideas guys, is it a bug or am i just doing it wrong?

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сол 2 1 ҳафта #664 by ricsmi

Ok I've kinda figured it out, turns out i need to use trhe Nav Select button , not the nav hold, only thing is the Nave select button only works in the 2d cockpit which i cant stand using.

So i'll revise my question, anybody know if is possible to swap the nav hold button in the 3d cockpit to the nav select button instead?

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