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моҳ 10 1 ҳафта #1178 by парвозҳо

i have downloaded this panel of the 787 and rewrite the panel file to get the 3 crt
to undock so i can move it to other screens. the problem is that the undock screens
disappear from the screen . not always the same screen . sometimes it work well.
is there somebody that can help me with this . i will attach the panel file so anybody
can load it in this 787 and see if it does the same


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моҳи 10 5 рӯз қабл #1182 by Gh0stRider203

Ба ростӣ, ман ба ҳавопаймо ва ҳавопаймоҳои 787 .... нигаронида шудаам ва чуноне ки ман мехоҳам сарфакорона дар бораи ҳавопаймо намехонам, QW787 ба он меарзад.

Амрико Airways VA
Молик / CEO


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моҳи 9 4 ҳафта пеш #1187 by ErikC

Kenya airways???

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моҳи 9 2 ҳафта пеш - моҳи 9 2 ҳафта пеш #1201 by Ҷулибиб

Thank God! I found this conversation site on rikoooo. Sir my problem is on your 787 mega pack, My simulator is P3DV4 everything works pretty-much well but ,787-10RR doesn't work well like other aircraft's, it doesn't land with flaps even on 10! and it does very much trim so the aircraft can't move on the sky especially before landing and thus it crashes.Furthermore, the aircraft doesn't work well on auto throttle and controls,like when I pull up the yoke the yoke pushes up the plane more and it moves so fast that it will be very hard to control the plane, same when I bank left and right. so its very tough to control the plane with faulty controls.besides, I cant land the plane with full flaps ,the planes auto throttle rises up to 100% and the plane goes downward due to full flaps causing upward pressure and to remain on altitude of final approach the plane goes downward to remain on that altitude and thus it crashes,so the problem is in auto throttle, it can't control flaps wise it rise to 100 % and planes crashes due to downward descend and the auto trim is so much that i can't bank the plane, it too causes crash , cant land with full flaps even on 100 % fuel.

so sir, I request you to check all aircraft's 787-800,787-900,787-10,Genx and RR whole mega pack, and there is problem in each and every plane but 787-10 RR is out of control,so I humbly request to you sir to take necessity changes on this whole mega pack with an update especially 787-10RR.

my PC specs - Intel-i7-6700K, windows 10 64-bit, Motherboard - Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. G1.SNIPER M7-CF (U3E1)

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