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Concorde RW Reworked Version FSX & P3D

Андоза 143 MB
Боргириҳо 30 832
07-01-2017 ташкил карда шудааст
Тағйир ёфт 12-01-2017
Литсензия Freeware берунӣ
Автомобилкунӣ: #Installer version 10
Муаллиф: Libardo Guzman, Dietmar Loleit Филипп Wallaert, Юҳанно Honniball, Чарлз Owens, Kelvin Keeble, навсозии аз тарафи Andiroto
Download Барои FSX-Acc & FSX-Steam ва P3D v1. * v2 v3 бояд озмоиш шавад# Port-Over мувофиқ нест, P3Dv4 # 3D Cockpit Virtual Virus
Revision 2017 of the Concorde (model made by Libardo Guzman), many improvements made to the 2D panel, some new features, bug fixes. Complete Package (Model + VC + Panel 2D + Sounds + Repaint Air France and British Airways) Read the documentation carefully for a complete list of changes and instructions.

Engine start
To start the engines manually you must have:

Parking brake (set)
Battery (On)
Avionics (On)
External Power (On)
All fuel pumps (On)
Fuel shut offs (Open)
Master Ignition (On)
Starter (On)

When the engine is running you should have:

Generators (On)
Fuel heaters (On)
Engine Anti Ice (On)
Pitot (On)

fsx 2d panel concorde
Concorde RW Reworked Version FSX & P3D Download
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