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Chance Vought F4U-6 and 7 Corsair FSX & P3D

Андоза 20 MB
Боргириҳо 12 064
04-12-2016 ташкил карда шудааст
Тағйир ёфт 04-12-2016
Литсензия Freeware берунӣ
Автомобилкунӣ: #Installer version 10
Муаллиф: Гуи Hulin, Жан-Пер Langer, Arne Bartels, Тим Конрад, FSX табдили модарӣ аз тарафи ҶММ
Download Барои FSX & Маҷмӯи иншоот & P3D v1. * v2 v3 бояд озмоиш шавад# Номи FSX ва / ё P3D # 3D Cockpit Virtual Virus
The mythical American Corsair F4U is finally there, it is one of the most famous military aircraft of the second world war, thanks to its stocky silhouette and its wing in W (Gull inverted) which make the Corsair almost immediately recognizable. The very detailed 3D model has been converted natively from FS2004 to FSX / P3D by LLS. Includes 7 repaints, custom sounds, detailed animations, high resolution outdoor textures, virtual cockpit, 2D panel, documentation.

Function keys:
< L > For the lightning.
< Shift-E > To open and close the door.
< I > For the system of smoke.
<Ctrl-SHIFT-V> To open the Cowls Flaps
<Ctrl-SHIFT-C> To closes the Cowls Flaps
<Shift-T> For the Tailhook

chance vought f4u-6 and 7 corsair-1chance vought f4u-6 and 7 corsair-2chance vought f4u-6 and 7 corsair-3
Chance Vought F4U-6 and 7 Corsair FSX & P3D Download
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