Created 15-01-2017 00:14:00
Changed 15-01-2017 00:18:59
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Installer version 10
Version 1.0
License Freeware external
A beautiful representation of the city of Auckland in New Zealand, including many buildings and bridges, photo-real textures of the ground and the international airport (NZAA). To take advantage of the capacities of this scenery with FS2004 it is advisable to put all the graphics to maximum and i...
compatible with FS2004
Robin Corn, Ian Warren, Deane Baunton - Godzone Virtual Flight
Created 12-02-2014 11:21:18
Changed 30-05-2015 19:28:46
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Installer version 2
License Freeware external
This is the 9th version of the scenery of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for FS2004. The photo-realistic area was expanded about 1500Km2 and many monuments included ... The new airport Tom Jobim (SBGL) was included as well as improvements to Santos Dumont (SBRJ) Jacarepaguá (SBJR) Afonsos (SBAF) and Clu...
compatible with FS2004
Newton Drumond, Fernando Marques, Dave Pearce, Luis Vargas
Created 23-08-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:42:09
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License Freeware external
Small scenery of show in Marseille. Pass into the circles, two aircraft carriers to dock, hot air balloon labeled MICROSOFT. In addition to the Marseille airport. Airport Code: LFML (Marseille)Important : When installation is done, start FS2004 and declare the scenery SHOW (LFML) in the library o...
compatible with FS2004
Personnalisé Rikoooo, auteur inconnu
Created 23-07-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:42:56
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License Freeware external
Scenery of the launching of space shuttles. Two Launches areas are active. Make the choice "select a flight." Click Shuttle Launch 06 and choose a flight below. Two simultaneous launches and then you must wait 12 minutes before the next-one begin. If it does not happen, close and restart again FS...
compatible with FS2004
Ron Jeffers
Created 08-07-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:34:51
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License Freeware external
Scenery of the airport of Djaména. Very nice with its long runway. This pack contains the military part of N'Djamena. Air Detachment is located on the airport of N'Djamena (Chad) in the end.Airport Code: FTTJImportant : Once Rikoooo install is done on your PC, start FS2004 and declare the scenery...
compatible with FS2004
Alexandre REMY
Created 22-06-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:43:36
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License Freeware external
Scenery of launching of space shuttle at Cape Canaveral. Also includes 3 AI, they will be present in the scenery. Boats are also included in this pack off the launch pad. Please note that the shuttle takes off as soon as the FS2004 scenery startup. It off again after 2 minutes. After that you hav...
compatible with FS2004
Ron Jeffers
Created 19-06-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:39:13
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License Freeware external
Princess Juliana TNCM + beach. Here the scenery of "Princess Juliana" many talk about it on the forum. Scenery is very well reproduced and very beautiful around the airport.Code International Airport on the island of Saint-Martin: TNCM
compatible with FS2004
Garcia Sanchez, Peter Leadbeater, Pascal Dumat