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3D Virtual Cockpit
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Another great add-on to a well-known helicopter proposed by Virtavia, formerly payware, this add-on became freeware in 2014. Included with 3D cabin and VC, custom gauges and sounds, animations, five repaints, two models. HC3 and HM1.To access the version for FSX & P3D click hereHistoryIn 197...
compatible with FS2004
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3D Virtual Cockpit
License Freeware external
For the FSX compatible variant click hereBeautiful native FS2004 model (not FSX compatible), HD and clickable virtual cockpit, two repaints: US Army, E Troop, 1st Cav, US Army, Troop C, 16th Cav. Included with custom sounds.The OH-6 Cayuse is a U.S. helicopter developed by the division of Hughes ...
compatible with FS2004
Tim Piglet Conrad
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3D Virtual Cockpit
License Freeware external
Russian transport helicopter extremely detailed as shown on the images. beauteful VC. A must haveThe Mil Mi-8 (Russian Ми-8, NATO reporting name "Hip") is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. The Mi-8 is the world's most-produced helicopter, and is used by ov...
compatible with FS2004
Vladimir Zhyhulskiy