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   For FS2004          +3D Virtual Cockpit

Here is a jet often used by Air France for regional flights. The model and textures are extraordinary. We have rarely seen an add-on of such quality. You won't be disappointed. Functional panel and good quality sound.

The CRJ200 is powered by two turbojets General Electric CF34-3B1 generating a nominal thrust of 8729 lbf (38.83 kN) at takeoff. At a cruising speed of 464 knots up to (860 km / h), it can fly 1,915 nautical miles (3,547 km) with a full load of 50 passengers.

The CRJ200 is 87 feet 10 inches (26.77 m) long and its maximum takeoff weight of 53,000 pounds (24,041 kg). Its turning radius of 180 degrees is only 75 feet (22.9 m) on the ground, an important airports increasingly busy.

Bombardier Aerospace currently offers two versions of the CRJ200. The CRJ200 CRJ200 ER and LR. The version with extended range (ER) is characterized by a maximum takeoff weight of 51,000 pounds (23,133 kg) and a range of 3547 km. Finally, the distance passable version (LR) displays a maximum takeoff weight of 53,000 pounds (24,041 kg) and a range of 2 880 km

Engines each version can be modified to give the aircraft exceptional performance in hot weather at airports at high altitudes, thus increasing the payload and therefore profitability. (Wikipedia)


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