Grob SPn Utility Jet FSX v3.1.3

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Created 01-06-2011 01:40:40
Changed 06-06-2012 18:02:43
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Author : Andreas Koerner
Download For FSX & Steam Edition       Compatible DirectX10+    +3D Virtual Cockpit
Here is a plane full of quality for FSX, virtual cockpit fully functional, custom gauges, flight model as close to identical, careful work and perform professionally. Be careful when you start a flight with this unit, the onboard instruments will be turned off, thank you for reading the manual before use.

The Grob SPn Executive Jet is an aircraft business jet made entirely of composite materials (still in prototype end of 2006) of the German Grob.

Maximum range: 1,850 nm / 3.425 km (1 pilot + 6 passengers, NBAA IFR 100 nm alternate)
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