Antonov An-12BK Cub v2 FS2004   

Author Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, Dmitriy Smirnov
Size 51.2 MB
Downloads 12 244
Created 18-02-2009 00:11:05
Changed 11-10-2012 17:10:30
License Freeware external
   For FS2004          +3D Virtual Cockpit

GMax model version 2009, complete animation, detailed virtual cockpit, with 3D modeled aircrew and co-pilot animated. Includes 15 repaints plus Aeroflot Cargo.

As usual a great job, this is a "must have" if you like Russian aircraft, it's a complete package and a real pleasure to fly ! You have the ability to carry on cars or dropping of goods above Siberia, you can do all kinds of military operations. To control it, be sure to read the manual. If you do not understand English very well, it does not matter, the images of the manual speak for themselves! Go and fly!


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