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Flight Simulator 2004 - Antonov

All downloads for Flight Simulator 2004 - Antonov

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Antonov An-12BK Cub v2 FS2004

16 743    4.06 (16)

Size  51.2 MB

  • Created 17 Feb 2009

  • Updated 11 Oct 2012

  • GMax model version 2009, complete animation, detailed virtual cockpit, with 3D modeled aircrew and co-pilot animated. Includes 15 repaints plus Aeroflot Cargo

  • By Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, Dmitriy Smirnov


Antonov An-26 v2009 FS2004

10 390    4.33 (9)

Size  31 MB

  • Created 23 Aug 2008

  • Updated 11 Oct 2012

  • For FS2004 only. Russian transport multi-purpose aircraft still flying in many countries of the world. This model was created in order to have a complete set (pack): sounds, VC, animations (door aft cargo release). Specially designed for fans of transport aircraft.

  • By Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, D. Samborskiy


Antonov An-124 Antonov Airlines FS2004

21 199    3.45 (11)

Size  25 MB

  • Created 17 May 2006

  • Updated 11 Oct 2012

  • Antonov AN-124 Antonov Airlines for FS2004 Cargo and Military Transport. The little brother of the Antonov already on Rikoooo. Comes with one repaint, very good sound. Door hold back, everything is functional. Do not forget to test the "i" button ! this is the key for "Smoke!"

  • By Ray Brower


Antonov An-24RV FS2004

9 377    4.13 (8)

Size  13.5 MB

  • Created 26 Oct 2005

  • Updated 11 Oct 2012

  • This Russian Antonov An-24RV is a complete aircraft. The panel is realistic, so it's written in Russian ! not easy when you do not read Cyrillic. The cockpit and the cabin are fully 3D. Repaints are very well done.

  • By Dimitri Samborski, Nikolai Samsonov, Maksim Mysin, (suite fichier readme)