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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - SCENERY

Here is our selection of the best quality sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020). To simplify the installation of add-ons each download is accompanied by an automatic installer. Choose from one of the subcategories to start your download.

Choose your favorite airport or city to fly over. We have some of the best locations in the world for your VFR flights

All downloads for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - SCENERY

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Ground Handling

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Monument Valley - Arizona-Utah border MSFS 2020

1 550    4.00 (6)

Size  756 MB

  • Created 31 Mar 2021

  • Updated 31 Mar 2021

  • Version3.0

  • Monument Valley, here is a mystical, mythical, unique and unforgettable place ... You can easily imagine yourself in the heart of a great western! Located in the heart of the territory of the Navajo Indians.

  • By This package was created by Jeppeson2001


Geneva City Switzerland MSFS 2020

2 133    4.13 (15)

Size  1.60 GB

  • Created 11 Mar 2021

  • Updated 17 Nov 2021

  • Version3.4

  • This is a scenery from the city of Geneva (Switzerland) using 3D photogrammetry technology

  • By Thalixte

  • Created 15 Dec 2020

  • Updated 26 Oct 2021

  • Version8.0.3 SU6

  • In this scenery for MSFS 2020 created by "mkvy" (whom we thank by the way) you can explore the airport as a whole, most of the buildings were created in 3D by hand, each parking stand is correctly placed.

  • By mkvy


Doha City and Lite Airport v1.0 MSFS 2020

8 170    3.75 (16)

Size  162 MB

  • Created 21 Oct 2020

  • Updated 24 Oct 2020

  • Version1.0

  • Here is the city Doha, capital of Qatar. This pack contains many iconic Doha buildings such as La Perla Towers, Aspire Dome and Aspire Tower, Tornado Tower in downtown as well as many more.

  • By Risuali and Chris B


Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS 2020

11 717    3.52 (66)

Size  206 MB

  • Created 18 Oct 2020

  • Updated 27 Oct 2020

  • Version1.0

  • This pack contains over 250 buildings and thousands of other items placed around Dubai City and Jebbel Alli Port, this pack improves the default Dubai scenery in MSFS 2020.

  • By Risuali