Tupolev Tu-114 126 FSX & P3D Version Special Edition

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Created 11-09-2015
Changed 06-09-2017
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Author : Samdim Design, repack by Andreas Rotowski
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Here is the Tupolev TU-114 and TU-126 (126 being the AWACS model). This package is a special version that has been updated specifically for FSX by Andreas Rotowski and includes many improvements and updates. The aircraft cabin is fully modeled in 3D and allows to walk the hallways. This pack includes 3 models and 3 repaints, custom sounds (Seat belt, no smocking switches) virtual cockpit and complex 2D panel.

Included with full documentation in English and available directly online (Manual.html) or in the pack. It is important to read the manual

The Tupolev-114 was a Soviet turboprop airliner built in the 1950s.

The Aeroflot, the airline of the USSR, wanted an airliner capable of carrying large international connections and serving as a technological showcase and ambassador. Aided by drivers, the research department of Andrei Tupolev civilian realized derivative bomber Tu-95. The Tupolev 114 remains the largest and fastest turboprop passenger aircraft ever built. It was powered by four turboprop Kuznetsov NK-12. It was used on the main lines: Moscow-Havana, Moscow-Tokyo. It was made famous by the visit of Nikita Khrushchev to the United States in 1959.

He was dethroned by the appearance of long haul jet as Ilyushin Il-62. (Wikipedia)

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Tupolev Tu-114 126 FSX & P3D Version Special Edition Download