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Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS 2020

  • Description of the file

    This pack contains over 250 buildings and thousands of other items placed around Dubai City and Jebbel Alli Port, this pack improves the default Dubai scenery in MSFS 2020.

    See the most well-known tourist attractions such as Stargate and the Dubai Frame, this scenery has it all. It will be more appreciated during the day than at night. But whatever, it is a must to fly to Dubai.

    Installation and uninstallation in one click thanks to the new automatic installer of Rikoooo, with auto detection of your "Community" folder.

    You can support the add-on creator (Risuali) with a donation to his Paypal

    Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 3Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 4Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 5Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 6Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 8Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 9Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 10Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 11Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 13Dubai City Pack v1.0 MSFS2020 14
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  • Version1.0

  • Rating
    (66 votes)
  • Size 206 MB

  • Downloads 11 634

  • Created 18 Oct 2020

  • Updated 27 Oct 2020

  • License Freeware external

  • Format Built using classic 3D objects

  • Auto-install Installer MSFS v1.1

  • Compatibility list :

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020)

  • Author :
  • Risuali

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium

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