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British Aircraft Corporation BAC 1-11 for FS2004


Bac 111 commercial aircraft. A marvel of quality. The front and rear doors open. choice of multiple repaints. Perfect Flight model. Visual cabin close to reality. Beauty sounds of "reverse". Complete Check-list before take-off and monitoring procedures in flight. A plane that you should not miss for FS9 ! Not Compatibe FSX.

The British Aircraft Corporation 1-11 (or BAC 1-11) was a British airliner reaction, short-range 1960 and 1970. Designed by Hunting Aircraft (in), it was developed and produced by the British Aircraft Corporation after the main British manufacturers were merged in 1960.

The BAC 1-11 was designed to replace the Vickers Viscount. He was the second short-haul jet, the first being the Sud Aviation Caravelle. Due to its entry into service later, the BAC 1-11 advantage of more efficient engines and greater experience in reactors. This made him popular with at launch, half of its sales in the United States. The BAC 1-11 was a British airliners most successful, and was kept in service until the 1990s, when he was removed because of noise restrictions.
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  • Size 28.4 MB

  • Downloads 17 491

  • License Freeware external

  • VC3D Virtual Cockpit

  • British Aircraft Corporation BAC 1-11 is compatible with FS2004 only

  • Author : David Maltby

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