Dassault Breguet Atlantic 1 Marine US FS2004

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Created 26-10-2006
Changed 24-12-2012
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Author : Massimo Taccoli et Jean-Pierre Langer
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Dassault Breguet Atlantic 1 U.S. Navy with 5 textures + custom sounds.

Breguet Br 1150 Atlantic is a maritime patrol aircraft, designed by Breguet Aviation and produced by SECBAT, a European construction Breguet Atlantic. It has been marketed since 1971 by Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation (AMD-BA) became in 1990 Dassault Aviation. It was built in 115 copies in two versions and operated by 5 countries.

The Atlantic 2, or abbreviated ATL2, second version Br 1150 Atlantic, is currently serving in the French naval aviation.
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