Ilyushin IL-76 FS2004

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Author : Sestak Oleg, Nikolay Sukhikh
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Beautiful model of this aircraft designed in the Soviet Union, including two models (MD and TD), custom sounds, two textures (Russia Ministry for Emergency Situations and Russia - Air Force), animations, night textures, complex 2D panel (no VC) with multiple views, a PDF manual in Russian (can be translated with Google Translate). An aircraft not easy to fly and that requires knowledge, your turn.

Iliouchine II-76 : Description

The Ilyushin Il-76 (NATO reporting name: Candid) is a multi-purpose four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter designed by the Ilyushin design bureau. It was first planned as a commercial freighter in 1967, as a replacement for the Antonov An-12. It was designed for delivering heavy machinery to remote, poorly served areas of the USSR. Military versions of the Il-76 have seen widespread use in Europe, Asia and Africa, including use as an airborne refueling tanker or as a command center.

The Il-76 has seen extensive service as a commercial freighter for ramp-delivered cargo, especially for outsized or heavy items unable to be otherwise carried. It has also been used as emergency response transport for civilian evacuations as well as for humanitarian/disaster relief aid around the world. Because of its ability to operate from unpaved runways, it has been useful in undeveloped areas. Specialized models have also been produced for aerial fire-fighting and zero-G training. (Wikipedia)fs9 2015-10-09 16-47-28-55fs9 2015-10-09 16-48-00-89fs9 2015-10-10 02-45-00-81fs9 2015-10-10 02-45-26-62fs9 2015-10-10 02-45-34-53fs9 2015-10-10 02-46-20-98
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