Qantas Ultimate Pack 2012 FS2004


Superb very original pack containing an Airbus A380-861 with virtual cockpit (no 2d panel) and quality sounds, plus an airport bus transportation and an airship, each one with the colors of Qantas (Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited) an australian company, but also one of the largest in the world.

- The Airbus A380 is controlled only from the virtual cockpit (VC) included textures DXT3 (FPS friendly) and HD 32 bit textures, also include a fully 3D cabin interior.
- The airship Goodyear blimp K-Class Blimp NEAM "Restoration" contains a VC and a 2d panel (important, read the manual)
- The airport bus v3 is driven from the 2D panel (no VC) should be for multiplayer games or scenery photos or videos. This bus has a feature allowing it to fill up with petrol and burst a tire, it can also fly! (read the instructions included)

Qantas 01

Qantas Cabin 01Qantas Cabin 02
Qantas Cabin 03Qantas Cabin 04
Qantas Cabin 05Qantas Cabin 06


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