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Hawker Siddeley Trident FS2004

Description of the file:

Hawker Siddeley Trident 2 and 3. Available with 6 textures, high quality, superb aircraft with animations. Comprehensive panel + VC.

Hawker-Siddeley Trident The aircraft was short / medium-haul trijet designed by De Havilland in the 1950s, and built by Hawker-Siddeley in the 1960s, after the De Havilland absorption by the latter group.

Designed for British European Airways (BEA), it was sold in small quantities to other companies, with only 117 aircraft produced. It was an airliner important European traffic, but its high operating costs forced the plane to a short life. After the merger of BEA and BOAC in British Airways, was replaced by Trident fleet of Boeing 737 and Boeing 757 early 1980s. Trident however remained in service with Air China until the mid-1990s.

The Trident was the first commercial airliner to fully automatic approach and landing. (Wikipedia)
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  • Size 25 MB

  • Downloads 11 192

  • Created 26 Oct 2006

  • Updated 27 Aug 2012

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Compatibility list :


  • Author :
  • David Maltby

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