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The Nord 3202 is presented in two configurations : "solo" configuration with one pilot,  "dual control" (DC) configuration, i.e. with two pilots on board. This model is piloted from the rear seat. Full english version (with auto-installer) can be found at :


The Nord 3202 is a single-engine monoplane aircraft, intended for pilots instruction. Built by Nord-Aviation ( a french manufacturor ), the prototype made its first flight on 1957 april 17. At the beginning equipped with 240 HP Potez 4D32 engine and a two-blades Ratier propeller, it was modified with a 260 HP turbocharged Potez 34B and a three-blades Hartzell propeller. Its fuel and lubrication systems allows to operate with all the positions. Some aircrafts were modified to a single-seat version with a lighten landing gear to procure the Nord 3202 a competitive aerobatics aptitude.

Especially designed to meet the ALAT (french Army) needs, 102 units of the Nord 3202 were produced.
Assigned to the ALAT aeronautical schools of Sidi Bel Abbes ( North Africa), Le Luc en
Provence then Dax ( South ofFrance), the Nord 3202 have trained during more than 100000 flight hours numerous students pilots, french and abroad.

General characteristics :

Wing span : 9,50 m
Length : 8,14 m
Height : 2,84 m
Wing area : 16,26 m²
Airframe : metal and cloth lined
Wing profil : NACA 23017 evolving to NACA 23012
Flaps : slotted flaps
Gear : fix with hydropneumatic suspension and tail wheel
Fineness ratio : 5,5
Empty weight : 875 kg ( radio compass version )
Maximum weight : 1220 kg
Motorization Potez : 4D34B 260 HP and three-blades propeller
Maximum speed : 350 km/h
Cruise speed : 190 km/h
Ceiling : 3000 m
Endurance 4h 30

(source : English documentation from

Gmax model André Chancel with the contribution ofGilles Faulmeyer (engine and propeller)
2D panel and gauges Jean-Michel Renaux
Sound Jean-Michel Renaux
Flight dynamics Jean-Pierre Bourgeois
Ground settings and flying tests Benoit Dubé
Textures Jean-Michel Renaux ( N° 15 - 71 - 78 ) Gilles Faulmeyer ( N° 64 )


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