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    This pack contains the aircraft and flight plans intended to tell the story of the 617 Squadron RAF Dambuster Raid on the Moehne and Eder Dams 16 – 17th May 1943.

    You will find the flight plans in the Start menu - All Programs - Rikoooo Add-ons - Avro Lancaster TP464 DB AJC v6 FS2004 - FlightSimulatorFiles

    The Avro Lancaster was a four-engined bomber of the Second World War, produced initially by Avro for the Royal Air Force. Entered service in 1942, it was built more than 7000 copies and was with the Handley Page Halifax, the main bomber of the Royal Air Force during this period. It became famous for its night bombing.

    Word from the author :
    This release like previous issues is intended to tell the story of the 617 Sqd Dambuster Raid on the Ruhr Dams in Germany 16-17 May 1943. It does this through the provided flights and via a very capable Dambuster Lancaster aircraft from Plane-Design. In this version the route to the dams is more accurate because there is
    more detail published in books and on the web than there was back in 2003. There are still conflicts in the published information. It depends upon which source you read and make use of.

    Certainly if you fly in the way the crews did back in 1943 you will have a greater understanding of just how difficult the mission was.
    Having sat in the Pilots seat of “Just Jane” in the UK and used the controls I have a far better understanding of the Lancaster and after my visit to the Eder Dam a real understanding of the terrain they flew over.

    The Incredible skills of the crews cannot be accurately simulated in the simulator but you must surely come away from this Project with a far better impression of what the word “Dambuster” means and how effective the Lancaster was as the tool used in delivering the successful outcome.

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