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Mitsubishi F-1 for FS2004


For the FSX compatible variant Click here

Mitsubishi F-1 has been the first combat aircraft designed and manufactured in Japan since the end of WWII. Based on the advanced trainer Mitsubishi T-2 , the main purpose of this bird, as designed for air to sea combat, is to deal with generic Air to Surface targets moreover, this includes also a limited capability for air superiority missions. 77, F-1 have been delivered , their operational life began in late 70’ . This variant is currently been replaced by the latest Mitsubishi F-2 (Web-source: Wikipedia)

This model includes corrective patches and upgrades. The layout of the Mitsubishi F-1 reminds the Jaguar.
Here included four variants:
-Mk82 external bomb loads
-ASM-1 and ASM-2 navy missiles
-Smooth configuration.

An AI model is also available for your web parties. The virtual cockpit is treated in photorealistic textures, original sound package, Auto nstallation mode is available. A must-have.
  • Rating
    (8 votes)
  • Size 52.1 MB

  • Downloads 5 798

  • License Freeware external

  • VC3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Mitsubishi F-1 is compatible with FS2004 only

  • Author : Model design by Daisuke Yamamoto Peinted by Hiroaki kubota (KBT) Effect xml gauge is made by Toshikazu Shimizu. Adapted to work OK in FSX by Danny Garnier

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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