Atlas CheetahC FS2004

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Author : Thinus Pretorius
Download For FS2004          #3D Virtual Cockpit
For the FSX version click here. The Atlas Cheetah is a fighter aircraft of the South African Air Force. It is a major upgrade of the Dassault Mirage III. Three different variants were created, the dual-seat Cheetah D, and the single-seat Cheetah E and Cheetah C. The Cheetah's have been retired and was replaced by Saab JAS-39 Gripens

This package contains an entirely new visual model and the airfile has been redone to improve the flight dynamics of the aircraft. It includes one model with the choice of multiple weapon configurations,custom sounds, and panel with aircraft specific gauges, and easy-to-read clickable virtual cockpit.  It also features a working radar, camera simulated gauges, a new MFD, new nav instruments, drag chute and sound effects.  It also includes a normal and wide screen panel. Please read the documentation (PDF)
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