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F-14D Tomcat + Tahiti scenery + aircraft carrier Glenn USS FS2004

  • Description of the file

    F-14d Tomcat Porte avionA superb aircraft for videos enthusiasts ! The F-14d Tomcat comes up with after burner and wall of sound effects. Jump to the external view and observe the the bang when passing the sound barrier ! Cables off the aircraft carrier are functional. The airplane stops within 10 meters with this system. Catapult may push you on a very short distance. Extraordinary sounds for F14, auto-pilot is in the upper left corner to the windshield (click on the icon provided).

    This airplane is available with 8 repaints for your pleasure.
    Also present with this add-on, the island of Tahiti and the aircraft carrier USS Glenn.

    • To take off from the aircraft carrier type in the airport ID fields GLEN from the window "Select airport"
    • To take off from the airport in Tahiti type in the field airport ID NTAA from the airport "Select airport"
    • To fly the F-14 you must select the manufacturer Grumman from the aircraft list

    Declaration of the scenery Tahiti in the library of FSX is automatic.

    This add-on is a SUPER MUST do not miss it. On one side, the airplane has such brakes that it can land on the smallest airport in the world. Approach: 120-130 knots. Do not perform a traditional approach. Wait for the last time to bite the end of the runway at 120-130 knots.
    On the other hand, the airplane has such power that it is capable of reaching a very high speed. The wall of sound is reached very quickly.

    There is plenty to enjoy. Good flight !
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    (56 votes)
  • Size 43.3 MB

  • Downloads 43 120

  • Created 6 Oct 2006

  • Updated 30 Dec 2012

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Compatibility list :

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

  • Author :
  • Ivan Kostic, Steve Hinson, John J Schumacher

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium

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