Shuttle Launch 06 (1) FS2004

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Created 22-06-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:43:36
License Freeware external
Author : Ron Jeffers
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Scenery of launching of space shuttle at Cape Canaveral. Also includes 3 AI, they will be present in the scenery. Boats are also included in this pack off the launch pad. Please note that the shuttle takes off as soon as the FS2004 scenery startup. It off again after 2 minutes. After that you have to wait 12 minutes to see it again from the air. You must then either wait 12 minutes or close FS9 and choose new Cape Canaveral.

Warning: You must, once installed, declare the scenery in FS2004. The installer will not do it automatically.

Go to the Scenery library settings> open the folder "Addon Scenery"> Search for "Shuttle Launch 06" click "OK" restart FS2004> SCENERY INSTALLED
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