Simhangar RWD-8 PWS FSX & P3D


RWD-8pws for FSX & P3D of high quality and beauty. The plane is carrying paint scheme from CWL Dêblin (flying school). It has been created with the FSX-Acceleration SDK. It means that you should have good frame rates with it. What is more, she will work in the DirectX 10 mode turned on without any problems. She has self-shadowing and special textures such like : Specular Maps and Normal Maps. Note, that because of the 3D cockpit limitations it do not implement self shadowing in the VC.
The original 3D model was built for the War over Poland mod built on the Targetware sim engine. This plane is the RWD-8pws version. However, it was added few civilian paint schemes of the RWD-8 dwl, too (look below). Note, that it's still PWS version 3D model.

RWD-8 versions available in the FSX/P3D pack :

RWD-8pws, Centrum Wyszkolenia Lotniczego (CWL) Deblin, mid-30's, Poland RWD-8pws, Romanian Air Force, early 40's
RWD-8pws, Training Squadron, 1st Air Regiment, Warsaw, Poland RWD-8pws, gen. Franco's Army, Spain, late 30's.
RWD-8pws, 6th Air Regiment, Lwow, Poland RWD-8pws, Luftwaffe tests, early 40's.
RWD-8dwl, civil register SP-ZHP, Bielsko Aleksandrowice aerodrome (EPBA), Poland RWD-8dwl, civil register VQ-PAK, Jewish aircraft company "Aviron", early 40's, Palestine.
RWD-8dwl, civil register SP-BLC, Warsaw Aero club, Mokotow Airfield RWD-8pws, Soviet Air Force, early 40's
RWD-8pws, Hungarian Air Force, early 40's

Notice : You will also find "Paintkit" folder in the FSX/SimObjects/Aircrafts/RWD_8pws folder. The paintkit contains three .PSD files with all layers needed to create some repaint.

Please read documentation included

This video shows a unterminated alpha version, note that the model available for download on Rikoooo is complete and better quality.


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