Auster J1 Autocrat FSX & P3D

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Author : David Garwood external
Download For FSX-SP2 & FSX-Steam & P3D v1. *v2 v3 v4 to be tested       #Native FSX and/or P3D    #3D Virtual Cockpit
Complete package native FSX-SP2 & P3D of the famous tourist plane J / 1 Autocrat. Includes a model with bump and specular mapping, three authentic repaints, fully modelled smooth 3D gauges. A big thank to Dave Garwood for the excellent work.

The Auster J / 1 Autocrat is a three-seater passenger aircraft derived from the Taylorcraft Auster Mk.V. This airplane gave birth to many derivatives and remains the most successful British civil aircraft products immediately after the end of World War II.

Auster J1 Autocrat FSX & P3D Download