AFG Caravelle III SE-210 FSX & FSX-Steam HOT
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  • Beautiful and legendary Caravelle III (Sud Aviation) SE-210 model for FSX, the first in Freeware. Included with 8 textures including Air France (1979), Air Inter (1968) Swissair (1962), French Air Force (1990), The Club Sweden Caravelle (2008), Thai Airways International (1970), Alitalia (1960), Air Vietnam (1966).

    Includes custom sounds, custom gauges, documentation, checklists, information references, animations etc. This aircraft was modeled for FS2004 but is fully compatible with FSX SP2 or Acceleration or STEAM (uncheck DirectX 10 Preview in FSX graphical configuration). Rikoooo has adapted the aircraft.cfg panel.cfg to FSX.

    No virtual cockpit, the add-on must be flown from the 2D panel which is very well simulated and fully functional as you can see from the screenshots below, unless you are already an expert in the Caravelle it's imperative to read the documentation placed in the aircraft folder (open-p01-gb.htm c3afv1 file) or from the Windows Start menu, see FAQ for more information.


    The Sud Aviation Caravelle SE 210 is a jet airliner, designed for short and medium-haul routes, produced between 1958 and 1973 by the French company Sud-Aviation, which became Aérospatiale in 1970. First civil jet in the world into series production, it has the characteristic, innovative for the time, to have the motors located at the rear of the fuselage and not in the wings as to the Comet, or in subalaires pods as is the case for the Boeing 707. Designed to replace the piston engine aircraft such as the Douglas DC-6, the Caravelle can take, depending on the version, from 80 to more than 130 passengers over a maximum distance of between 1 650 and 3 400 km. (Wikipedia)

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