Fiat Aviazione Fiat G.12 FSX & P3D Version 2.0

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Created 19-08-2017 22:02:00
Changed 19-08-2017 22:07:48
License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer version 10
Author : Stefano Meneghini (pcmeneg)
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Fiat G.12 version 2.0. Recompiled 3D models for FSX/P3D. Virtual cockpit and some gauges reviewed and improved.

This package includes 5 different types of Fiat G12. They each have custom animations, sounds, engines, cockpit configurations, gauges, flight dynamics and on-screen management notes. All components are based on the original manuals.
605 5 2605 5 3I AIRE 2I DALEI DALE duskI DALHVirtual Cockpit2
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