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Avia 156 Project FSX & P3D

Avia_156_Project FSX_P3D_intro1
Avia_156_Project FSX_P3D_intro22
Avia_156_Project FSX_P3D_intro33
Avia_156_Project FSX_P3D_intro44
Description of the file:

A beautiful Avia 156 compatible with Prepar3D v4 and FSX, modeled by Milton Shupe. Includes one livery, 2d panel in two versions (AVB English Gauges and AVB Metric Gauges), virtual cockpit, custom gauges and sounds, flight model close to the real.

The Avia 156 was a 1930s Czechoslovakian six-passenger commercial transport for both mail and passengers, designed by Robert Nebesář and built by Avia. The type performed well but only one was built (Source wikipédia)

Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 1Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 2Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 3Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 4Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 5Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 6Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 7Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 8Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 9Avia 156 Project FSX P3D 10cabinExterior LFExterior RR
  • Rating
    (5 votes)
  • Size 37.6 MB

  • Downloads 4 481

  • Created 1 Mar 2018

  • Updated 14 Aug 2018

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Format Native FSX / P3D format

  • Auto-install Installer version 10.5

  • Compatibility list :

    P3Dv1 ➕ P3Dv2 ➕ P3Dv3 ➕ P3Dv4 ➕ P3Dv5 ➕ FSX-Steam Edition ➕ FSX (All versions)

  • Author :
  • Milton Shupe and his team

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium

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