Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX & P3D Version 3

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Created 08-04-2019
Changed 08-04-2019
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Auto-install : #Installer version 10.5
Author : Models, virtual cockpit and sounds by pcmeneg, paints by Manuele Villa, Vladimir Steffan and pcmeneg, flight dynamics, info and handling notes by FSAviator
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This add-on is of remarkable quality, without a doubt one of the best freeware for flight simulator. The 3D modeling outside and inside is of high quality, the gauges are authentic and in 3D, the textures are in high definition and the sounds are very real. Includes eight liveries and five models. Read the documentation in your Documents carefully. Many thanks to the author "pcmeneg" for permission to upload on Rikoooo.

The Savoia-Marchetti S.73 was an Italian three-engine airliner that flew in the 1930s and early 1940s. The aircraft entered service in March 1935 with a production run of 48 aircraft. Four were exported to Belgium for SABENA, while seven others were produced by SABCA. The main customer was the Italian airline Ala Littoria. (Source Wikipedia)

Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 2Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 3Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 4Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 5Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 6Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 7Savoia Marchetti S.73 FSX P3D 8
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