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Republic XP-72 Escort FSX Native FSX & P3D

Description of the file:

This package includes four models, custom gauges, custom panel, custom sounds, a custom flight model and nine liveries. Thanks to Milton Shupe for this great add-on.

The Republic XP-72 is a prototype interceptor fighter developed as an enhancement to the P-47 Thunderbolt. The XP-72 is designed to accommodate the 28-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major, air-cooled; a turbocharger must be placed behind the driver and powered by the engine via a drive shaft. The armament consists of six 12.7 × 99 mm NATO (0.5 BMG) machine guns placed in the wings and towing towers placed under the wings to carry 450 kg (1000 lb) of bombs. (Source: Wikipedia)

Republic XP 72 Escort FSX Native FSX P3D 2Republic XP 72 Escort FSX Native FSX P3D 3Republic XP 72 Escort FSX Native FSX P3D 4Republic XP 72 Escort FSX Native FSX P3D 5Republic XP 72 Escort FSX Native FSX P3D 6
  • Rating
    (8 votes)
  • Size 54 MB

  • Downloads 6 403

  • Created 15 May 2019

  • Updated 30 Aug 2019

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Format Native FSX / P3D format

  • Auto-install Installer version 10.5

  • Compatibility list :

    P3Dv1 ➕ P3Dv2 ➕ P3Dv3 ➕ P3Dv4 ➕ P3Dv5 ➕ FSX-Steam Edition ➕ FSX (All versions)

  • Author :
  • by Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Nigel Richards, Scott Thomas and Pilot Figure by Jan Visser

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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