Bell 206B JetRanger III FSX & P3D

Updated on 21/10/2017 : Compatible Prepar3D v4

Updated on  07/05/2015 : upgraded to version 1.1, compatible P3D.
Version 1.1 of the Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Bell 206B JetRanger. This updates brings numerous fixes and adds several new items to this popular helicopter for FSX.

What's New
- Wrong textures assigned in several areas
- Recoded several animations, mainly on the main panel
- Improved materials throughout
- All textures except spinning rotor textures are DXT1/DXT5 without mipmaps for better performance, thus decreasing filesize
- Improved bump and specular maps
- Contact points for float variant fixed

- Rotorslap sound effects (Stephan Siebertz)
- New flight dynamics (Jordan Moore/Hovercontrol)
- New navlight effects (Nobu Aki)
- Bump maps for the interior
In 2005, Owen Hewitt released his scratch built FS2004 Bell 206B JetRanger III. Over the years, it became a favorite of many helicopter enthusiasts. However, when FSX came along, past FS2004 owners were left with an obsolete model that didn’t quite display right in the new simulator. Recently, Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations contacted Owen offering to do an FSX native upgrade to the model. He kindly accepted the offer and as soon as the files reached ERS, they went to work to bring this popular release to FSX. Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations is proud to present Owen Hewitt’s Bell 206B JetRanger III.

Please read the manual

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