Seychelles Photo Real Scenery Pack FSX & P3D

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Created 06-07-2012
Changed 20-11-2017
License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer Scenery v11
Author : By Diaphenous
Download   For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1. *v2 v3 to be tested           
Need some holiday ? Enjoy yourself with this wonderful virtual trip to the Seychelles, it costs you nothing ! Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, located in the Indian Ocean and attached to the African continent. All these islands are grouped into a state which is the main island Mahe. Since June 29, 1976, the Seychelles is an independent state within the British Commonwealth and La Francophonie.

Detail of the Scenery :

Beautiful scenery in HD photoreal images LOD16 resolution 60cm/pixel by Diaphenous, The package includes new shorelines, a new watermask, basic autogen and night textures.

You can go to the following locations: Platte Island (Version 2), Assumption Island, Astove Island, Bird Island, Deer Island, Coetivy Island, Denis Island, Desroches Island, Fregate Island, Poivre Atoll, Remire Island, St. Joseph Atoll & D 'Arros Island, St. Pierre Island.

You can start your holiday from Platte Island (FSPL) and conquer other islands one by one, for example you are 238klm from Bird Island, a protected area that is a haven for seabirds It is home to only a few bungalows, coconut groves and inserted into a belvedere to watch the ballet of the 112 species recorded on the island.

In all cases, you will not get bored, there are many things to discover !

ICAO codes for these destinations:

Platte Island = FSPL Cerf Island = FSCI Fregate Island = FSSF Saint Pierre Island = FSSP
Assumption Island = FSAS Coetivy Island = FSSC Poivre Atoll = FSPO
Astove Island = FSSA Denis Island = FSSD Remire Island = FSSR
Bird Island = FSSB Desroches Island = FSDR Saint Joseph Atoll & D'Arros Island = FSDA

Platte Island (image Satellite Google Earth)
platte island thumb
Platte Island (FSX image aircraft approach)
platte island fsx thumb

The installation is 100% automated by Rikoooo, the configurator will handle for you the registration and activation of the scenery in Flight Simulator. When uninstalling, the installer will restore your configuration of origin.

Caution large file 556 MB, it is strongly recommended to use a download accelerator software to pause and resume at the point of arrest to have no surprises (eg FlashGet).
Seychelles Photo Real Scenery Pack FSX & P3D Download