Embraer 120ER Brasilia PAD FSX

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Full package for FSX (model, virtual cockpit and sounds) comes with four textures: Air France (Regional), United Express, USAir Express (historical), Canarias Provincial. It is important to read the manual included in this pack.
The Embraer 120 Brasilia is a twin turboprop aircraft with 30 seats manufactured by Embraer in Sao Jose dos Campos in the State of São Paulo.

It is powered by two turbines PW118B Pratt & Whitney, each delivering 1,800 hp at the shaft. Its cruising speed is around 300 knots (555 mph) and has a range of 800 nm (1,481 km) at full load. Its operational ceiling is 32,000 feet (9,754 m), although not classified RVSM, it is limited to 29,000 feet in Europe.

Over 350 copies of this aircraft were built. Several European airlines have used as liaison aircraft within Europe (Air Littoral, DAT, DLT, Excel, Regional, Atlantic Air Assistance). He will be replaced by the EMB 135.
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