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The Air France fleet v2.1 for FSX and P3D



Here is the Air France fleet v2 for Microsoft (R) Flight Simulator X (FSX) Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Acceleration and Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D (P3D). No compatible with FS2004. Now you can put yourself in command of an entire fleet, 19 out of 19 models. Thank you to the creators of freeware that did a great job !

Changelog: V2.1:
  • A380: Adding a 2D panel (day / night) created by Rikoooo and bugs fixed in VC (inspired by Facked), adding a HUD.
Changelog : V2.0 :
Warning : You must uninstall the previous version before installing this one !
  • Adding a SFX panel of special cabin announcement from AIR FRANCE with real voice of a true AF purser on all aircraft in the fleet. Available from 2D panels
  • Adding a new CRJ aircraft 1000NG (no VC at the moment)
  • Fleet made ​​100% compatible with Prepar 3D
  • Fix the opacity of the VC glass textures from ERJ 135/145 for P3D
  • Fix the inaudible sounds from ERJ 135/145
  • Redefinition of "contact points" from B747
  • Adding an advanced VC (Alrot) + FMC and other nice stuff (wipers) in VC from B747
  • Added / Fixed the night lights of the VC B747
  • Replacing the old model from the A380 by a new one with VC
  • Replacing the old model from BAE RJ85 by a new one with VC
  • Replacing the old model from Fokker 100 by a new one with VC
  • Replacing the old model of EMB 120 by a new one with VC and improved textures by Rikoooo
  • Added "Fix Flight1 VC Rain" (fixes opaque glass in FSX-SP2 when raining) Start Menu / Rikoooo Add-ons/Air France's fleet v2 FSX & P3D
  • Replacement textures of Boeing 777-200/300 opaque glass for compatibility with P3D
  • New black background gauges for the Boeing 777-200/300
  • Replacing all thumbnails.jpg
  • Fixed some dozen small bugs ...

Changelog : V1.2 :
  • Fix bugs for gauges altimeter and speed indicator from Airbus A318/319/320/321

Important before install (FSX only)

If you are in possession of a simple version of FSX you must first install SP1 and then SP2 available from Rikoooo (in French only) or on the official site of Microsoft (R). If you do not follow these instructions you will have compatibility issues with this package.
  • Once installed SP2, you must disable the “DirectX 10 preview " from the graphics settings in FSX. This installer can do this automatically for you, to do so, simply check the option on the Preferences page setup.
  • Some gauge of this package will not work including gauges from FS2004 if you do not install files MSVCP70.DLL (Microsoft (R) C + + Runtime Library) and msvcr70.dll in your system. This installer can also do this for you automatically.
You've followed these instructions ? You should not encounter any major problems then. Note that no support is provided, this package is offered free of charge as it is, the files in this package are the property of their respective authors (see Copyright and authors list in the package)

List of all models included

Airbus A318-111 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Airbus A319-111 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Airbus A320-211 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds
Airbus A321-211 : Default model Airbus A330-200 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Airbus A340-300 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds
Airbus A380-861 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Avro RJ85 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Boeing 747-400/Cargo : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds
Boeing 777-200/300/Cargo+ VC + 2D Panel + Sounds + texture Skyteam Canadair Jet 100+ VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Canadair Jet 700 : Default model
Canadair Jet 1000NG : + 2D Panel + Default EMB-700 Sounds Embraer ERJ 120 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Embraer ERJ 135 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds
Embraer ERJ 145+ VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Embraer ERJ 190+ VC + 2D Panel + Sounds Fokker 70 : + 2D Panel (md80) + Sounds
Fokker 100 : + VC + 2D Panel + Sounds


flotteAF 616 flotteAF 617
flotteAF 618 flotteAF 619
flotteAF 620-vc flotteAF 621
flotteAF 622 flotteAF 623-vc
flotteAF 624 flotteAF 624-vc
flotteAF 625 flotteAF 626
flotteAF 629-vc
flotteAF 627 flotteAF 630
flotteAF 628-vc
flotteAF 632 flotteAF 633-pn
flotteAF 635 flotteAF 634-vc
flotteAF 638 flotteAF 636-vc
flotteAF 639 flotteAF 640-vc
flotteAF 641 flotteAF 642-vc
flotteAF 645 flotteAF 644-vc
 flotteAF 646  flotteAF 647
 flotteAF 648  flotteAF 649-vc
 flotteAF 650  flotteAF 651-vc
 flotteAF 652 

*VC = Virtual Cockpit
  • Rating
    (290 votes)
  • Size 309 MB

  • Downloads 791 766

  • License Freeware external

  • FormatPort-Over - Not compatible P3Dv4+

  • Auto-install Installer version 2

  • La flotte Air France v2.1 is compatible with Prepar3D v1 up to Prepar3D v3 and FSX-Steam as well as FSX (all versions)

  • Author : Nombreux auteurs voir liste complète dans le package

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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