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Egyptair fleet ultimate pack v1.2 for FSX and P3D



12/11/2013: Updated to v1.2 : Correction A320 & 321, the aircraft.cfg files were not installed


Egyptair fleet Ultimate pack for FSX SP2 & P3D is the result of months of assembly, creation and modification of files in order to promote the Flight Simulator community with the best freeware of the world. This pack is by far the most complex of all the fleets already assembled such as:

Emirates fleet FSX & P3D
Air France fleet FSX & P3D
Air France fleet FS2004

Special efforts were made to correct problems already well known from previous packs. Twelve Egyptair quality repaints have been created by rikoooo and the adaptation of an optional FMC (Flight Computer Managment) to virtual cockpits of Airbus A320 and A321.

All models include: GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) with different alarms such as "Bank angle", "Wind shear", "Too Low Terrain", "Dont sink" and so on. + A complex tool for managing Push Back (2d panel) + a cabin system annoucment (Flightdeck) with voices of the hostesses (panel 2d), voices of the captain and sounds of different activities such as real melodies of Egyptair.

In 2011, Fleet Egyptair and Egyptair Express (Cargo not included) consisted of ten models mainly Airbus and Boeing, this package reflects to the most real that time. A total of 18 repaints are proposed such as old colors and new colors of Egyptair. All models are equipped with night textures, windows, headlights, beacon, logo etc, and for virtual cockpits as well. Each plane has its own sound depending on the type of engine, its own model following flight characteristics and so on. For example, the Boeing 777-266ER is fitted with PW4090 engines (Pratt & Whitney) faithfully reproduced.


- Mandatory per-requisite for FSX

Before installing the Egyptair fleet ultimate pack ensure that FSX SP2 (Service Pack 2) is already installed.
FSX-Acceleration already has SP2
The flee won't work correctly without FSX Service Pack 2.

If you do not install FSX SP2, some 3D model will not display correctly as below :

SP2 SP2 2



The installation package is very simple, just click Next.
Warning this is a big file 378 mb, download might be long. It is strongly recommended that you use a download accelerator software to pause and resume at the breakpoint to avoid unpleasant surprises (ex FlashGet).
Installer is only compatible with Windows not Mac

In options VasFMC and FSUIPC can be installed together.

thumb install


Egyptair : The jewel of Egypt

Egyptair is one of the first airlines in the world.
Founded in May 1932, the company Egyptian flight is in fact the seventh flight company to emerge. From August 1933, EgyptAir offers commercial flights between Cairo and Alexandria on board a Spartan. Two years later, the fleet has twelve EgyptAir aircraft de Havilland more.
During the Second World War, the Egyptian government requisitioned the airline and renamed "Misr Airlines."

Ten new aircraft Beach in addition to the fleet of "MisrAir" in 1946 and in 1949 bought ten MisrAir Vickers Vikings prior to his service French aircraft, the "Languedoc", a year later.
In 1956, the Egyptian airline MisrAir merged with Syrian Airlines, becoming the "United Arab Airlines" or "AAU". In 1960, the UAA stands out as the first Middle Eastern airline to use jet (Comet 4-c). For the launch of its long-haul flights and to support international air traffic, the airline bought an Egyptian Boeing 707 in 1968.

In 1971, Syrian Airlines and MisrAir Separate: the Egyptian airline then resumes its original name, EgyptAir.
On July 10, 2008, EgyptAir is part of the Star Alliance (the largest alliance in the world). EgyptAir was named best airline in Africa AFRAA. The company reported record total revenues of 1.143 billion U.S. dollars for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2007 and according to the company, from 2006 to 2007, EgyptAir carried more than 6.5 million passengers. (source Wikipedia)


Actual destinations

Today, the airline EgyptAir carried more than 555 weekly flights from Cairo and many other Egyptian cities to 69 domestic destinations (Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Assiut, Aswan, Hurghada, Luxor, Sharm el-Sheikh) and international d Africa. Examples include Casablanca, Tunis, Algiers, Tripoli, Banghazi, Asmara, Khartoum, Addis Ababa, Entebbe, Nairobi, Lagos, Accra and Kano.

EgyptAir also serves several Asian cities (Bombay, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Guangzhou, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka), Europe (Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Moscow, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Düsseldorf , Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Budapest, Kiev, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Istanbul, Athens and Larnaca) and North America (New York / JFK and also Toronto / Pearson from 1 June, 2011).
EgyptAir has developed and operates a number of quality criteria for its passengers to meet the demands and requirements of each and thus offer a truly ideal travel. (source Wikipedia)


1 Airbus A320-232 Egyptair
Repaints Egyptair new and old colors created by rikoooo

145 total: 16 business class + 129 economy class
2-2 (4 abreast)
3-3 (6 abreast)

snap058 thumb snap067 thumb snap064
thumb snap069 thumb snap065 thumb snap060


Below, the function of Autobrake for the virtual cockpit now active on all Airbus Below, A320 and A321 virtual cockpit with optional integration of vasFMC (see FMC)
thumb snap066 thumb snap068

New features and enhancements for gauges on Airbus A3XX


The ECAMS shows the 5 configurations for flaps and slats.

A right mouse click in the upper right corner of the ECAMS ( above the slats and flaps) toggles between kg and lbs.
The standard configuration is kg.

In the lower part you will see various messages about the configuration of the aircraft.

For exemple :

Left side
Right side
Landing lights; Spoilers Armed;
seat belts; No smoking; Autobrake status (voir Autobrake);
Landing gear down and locked; parking brake;
Pitot Heat; hydraulics;
Deice eng1 ; deice eng2 Generator;
Deice wing; Warning if take-off or landing weigth is exceeded;


This is only an addition to the default ECAMS and should add informations about temperature TAT and SAT, Time Zulu and Local
and total weight to the default ECAMS.

3 Autoflare (not visible)

With this feature the autopilot should be able to land the aircraft. If the autopilot is switched to APR the vertical speed is reduced
if radio height is less than 150 feet.
At 20 foot the autothrust is set to zero. It is important that your thrust lever is also set to zero otherwise thrust is increased to the
position of your thrust lever.

At heights above 20 feet you can start the go around by hitting the TOGA Button on the ECU. Autopilot is set to climb and thrust is

It is important that you select the correct speed and flaps configuration for the finals approach.
Don´t forget to set the autobrake and set your thrust lever to zero. As Pilot in command you should start a go around maneuver
if the autopilot failles.

4 SFCC Slats and Flaps Control Computer (not visible)

Airbus has 4 Positions of the flap handle but 5 configurations of the slats and flaps.

Handle Pos Slats/Flaps Text shown on ECAMS Remarks
0 0 / 0 -
1 18 / 10 1 Approach configuration (selected automatically by the SFCC at a speed > 140 knots)
1 18 / F 1+F Takeoff configuration (selected automaticcaly by the SFCC at a speed < 140 knots)
2 22 / 20 2
3 22 / 30 3
4 25 / 35 4

At takeoff configuration 1+F the SFCC retracts automatically the flaps to 1 if the speed is greater than 210 knots.

The SFCC sets automatically the spoiler to armed position if flaps are set and speed is greater than 60 knots. The spoilers are automatically retracted when
speed is below 55 knots.

5 Autobrake

The brake is activated by right mouse click on the button.
On the ground you can only select the MAX button and in this case the RTO (Refused Take-Off) brake programm is selected.
In the air you can select LO / MED/ MAX


2 Airbus A321-231 Egyptair

Repaint Egyptair old colors created by rikoooo

185 total: 10 business class + 175 economy class
2-2 (4 abreast)
3-3 (6 abreast)

thumb snap073 thumb snap076 thumb snap079
thumb snap074 thumb snap072 thumb snap071

Additional screenshot :
thumb snap077


3 Airbus A330-243 Egyptair

A330-243Repaints Egyptair new and old colors created by rikoooo

268 total: 24 business class + 244 economy class
2-2-2 (6 abreast)
2-4-2 (8 abreast)

thumb snap083 thumb snap085 thumb snap080
thumb snap082 thumb snap081 thumb snap086


4 Airbus A330-343E Egyptair

A330-300RepaintEgyptair new colors created byrikoooo

301 total: 36 business class + 265 economy class
2-2-2 (6 abreast)
2-4-2 (8 abreast)

thumb snap087 thumb snap088
thumb snap089 thumb snap090

This aircraft (and any other) is provided with great effects: Smoke brake, contrails, water behind the wheel, fire engines, smoke when the wheels touch the ground etc..


5 Airbus A340-212 Egyptair
A340-212RepaintEgyptair old colors created byrikoooo

260 total: 12 first class + 24 business class + 224 economy class
2-2-2 (6 abreast)
2-4-2 (8 abreast)

thumb snap092 thumb snap093 thumb snap094
thumb snap091 thumb snap095 thumb snap096

The A340 has been the subject of special care, some gauges like the ECAM and Autobrake have been specially modified for the A340. The sounds are realistic reproduction of a Rolls-Royes Trent.


6 Boeing B737-566 Egyptair

B737-500Repaint Egyptair new colors created by rikoooo

104 total: 8 business class + 96 economy class
3-3 (6 abreast)

thumb snap098 thumb snap099 thumb snap100
thumb snap101 thumb snap102

The 3D model of the Boeing B737-566 does not have a virtual cockpit, so instead enjoy a superb 2D Panel.


7 Boeing B737-866 Egyptair

144 total: 24 business class + 120 economy class
2-2 (4 abreast)
3-3 (6 abreast)

thumb snap111 thumb snap109 thumb snap108
thumb snap107 thumb snap103 thumb snap106

Screenshots supplémentaires :
thumb snap104 thumb snap105


8 Boeing B777-266ER Egyptair

Repaint Egyptair new colors created by rikoooo plus textures of GSU

319 total: 12 first class + 21 business class + 286 economy class
2-3-2 (7 abreast)
3-4-2 (9 abreast)

thumb snap112 thumb snap113 thumb snap114
thumb snap115 thumb snap116 thumb snap117

Screenshots supplémentaires :
thumb snap118 thumb snap119 thumb snap120
thumb snap121 thumb snap122 thumb snap123

thumb snap124 thumb snap125 thumb snap126
thumb snap127


9 Boeing B777-300ER Egyptair
B777-300Repaint Egyptair new colors created by rikoooo

346 total: 49 business class + 297 economy class
2-3-2 (7 abreast)
3-3-3 (9 abreast) – 2-3-2 (7 abreast)

thumb snap131 thumb snap133 thumb snap130
thumb snap129 thumb snap128


10 Embraer ERJ 170LR Egyptair Express

EgyptAir Express is a regional airline based in Cairo, Egypt. It was established in 2006 as a regional subsidiary of EgyptAir and launched its first flight on 1 June 2007. It has 12 Embraer E 170.

Repaints Egyptair new and old colors created by rikoooo

thumb snap135 thumb snap134 thumb snap137
thumb snap091 thumb snap095 thumb snap136

The 3D model of the Boeing Embraer E 170 does not have a virtual cockpit, so instead enjoy a superb 2D Panel.


VasFMC Flight Managment Computer

VasFMC is a free program (open source) created by Alex Wemmer to simulate a complete semi-pro environment in FMS (Flight Management System). This program requires FSUIPC (included)

Rikoooo has adapted the gauges of vasFMC to be displayed in the VC, however, to not conflicte with the other gauges in the VC some of them have simply been removed, such as the buttons on the autopilot. When you fly with vasFMC, keep in mind that the VC simply serve as decoration.
You must control your A320 or A321 with the 2D panel only.

Very important, carefully read the program manual.

Be aware that vasFMC is a heavy program and requires some time to bootwhen you choose an Airbus equipped with this option.

The installer of Rikoooo allows you to automatically install vasFMC 2.1 in your simulator and pre-configured for the Airbus A320 and A321 Egyptair. The package includes the Navdata of Navigraph - Navdata - AIRAC 0609 year 2006 (free)

Below is the 2D panel (at night) :

thumb vasfmcpanel

MCDU and complete panel

thumb MCDU thumb fmc

vasFMC can crash your FSX or P3D if you do not have enough free RAM & CPU, in this case, it is preferable to not install this option.

Link for some videos tutorials : vasFMC Tutorials Videos
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    (51 votes)
  • Size 378 MB

  • Downloads 308 891

  • License Freeware external

  • FormatPort-Over - Not compatible P3Dv4+

  • Flotte Egyptair ultime pack v1.2 is compatible with Prepar3D v1 up to Prepar3D v3 and FSX-Steam as well as FSX (all versions)

  • Author : Full list of author in the pack

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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