Flotte Royal Air Maroc FSX & P3D Version 1.0

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Changed 18-05-2016 00:55:03
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Auto-install : #Installer version 10
Author : Full list in the pack
Download For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1 v2 v3 v4      #Port-Over no compatible P3Dv4    
Auto-installer updated to version 10 and compatibility with FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D v.x


Here is the complete fleet Royal Air Maroc (RAM) plus extra fleets Atlas-Blue and Jet4you for FSX. This pack has been optimized for maximum performance in FSX. Eight repaints (plus four others) as realistic as possible have been specially designed for this pack. RAM fleet account in 2012 is six actives aircraft models, three for the fleet Atlas-Blue and two for fleet Jet4you. All these models are present in this package with the associated repaints.

In the FSX list of manufacturer browse for "Royal Air Maroc" or "" or "" to display the available aircraft.

A majority of these planes are not compatible with DirectX 10, it is necessary to disable this feature in FSX, if you do not know how to do thank you for reading the FAQ.

Retail pack

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Royal Air Maroc

Airbus A321-211 RAM
Airbus A321-211 + VC
Boeing 737-500 RAM
Boeing 737-500 + 2D Panel
Boeing 737-700 RAM
Boeing 737-700 + VC
Boeing 747-400 RAM
Boeing 747-400 + VC
Boeing 757-200 RAM
Boeing 757-200 + VC
Boeing 767-300 RAM
Boeing 767-300 + VC (737)
Boeing 747-400 VC
B747 VC
Boeing 757-200 VC
B757 VC


A321-211 Atlas-Blue
Airbus A321-211 + VC
Boeing 737-400 Atlas-Blue
Boeing 737-400 + 2D Panel
Boeing 737-800 Atlas-Blue
Boeing 737-800 + 2D VC
A321-211 Atlas-Blue-New
Airbus A321-211 (New colors) + VC
Boeing 737-400 Atlas-Blue New
Boeing 737-400 (New colors) + 2D Pane
Boeing 737-800 Atlas-Blue New
Boeing 737-800 (New colors) + 2D VC
Boeing 737-800 VC
B737 VC
A321-211 VC
A321 VC


Boeing 737-400 Jet4you
Boeing 737-400 + 2D Panel
Boeing 737-800 Jet4you
Boeing 737-800 + VC
Boeing 737-400 Panel
B737-400/500 2D Panel
Flotte Royal Air Maroc FSX & P3D Version 1.0 Download