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Saab J-21 Swedish Fighter FSX SP2

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The Saab 21 was a Swedish fighter/attack aircraft from SAAB that first took to the air in 1943. It was described as a very efficient weapons platform. It was designed as a twin boom pusher configuration, where the propeller is mounted in the rear of the fuselage, pushing the aircraft forward. Source: Wikipedia

This release comes with 4 paint schemes, VC,  metric gauges and all the usual stuff.
Good quality, very nice work.
  • Rating
    (32 votes)
  • Size 11.4 MB

  • Downloads 9 790

  • License Freeware external

  • VC3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Format Native FSX / P3D format

  • Saab J-21 Swedish Fighter FSX SP2 is compatible with FSX-Steam and FSX-SP2

  • Author : Tim Piglet Conrad

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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