Dassault Mirage III B Last Flight FSX-A

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Created 28-01-2011 21:08:05
Changed 19-06-2012 02:43:00
License Freeware external
Author : Patrice Grange
Download FSX Acceleration or SP2 & FSX-Steam      #Port-Over no compatible P3Dv4    #3D Virtual Cockpit
For the FS2004 compatible variant click here

This is a completely reworked model with a lot of new features and animations: fully reworked textures, different canopy positions, ejection process, wheel blocks and ground animations, enhanced virtual cockpit with new gauges and animated lights, etc.

The Mirage III is the emblematic French Fighter of the sixties. This new package contains 2 different Mirage III B (two seat trainer): special last flight version in 3 different configurations and standard silver scheme. This package is complete and stand-alone.

The models have full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, gears, spoilers, canopy, dragchute, rocket cover, pilot ladders, guns, wheel blocks, etc.) + a new complete virtual cockpit + a custom 2D panel.
Dassault Mirage III B Last Flight FSX-A Download

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