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Matterhorn (Cervino in Italian Matterhorn in German, Cervin in French) is a mountain peak 4,478 meters above sea level, located on the Swiss-Italian border, between the canton of Valais and the Aosta Valley. This is a photo-realistic scenery of the main mountain and its immediate surroundings. Textures HD, Mesh LOD 14.

The Matterhorn is the most famous mountain in Switzerland, including the pyramidal appearance it offers from the village of Zermatt, in the German-speaking part of the canton of Valais. The ascent of the north face was considered the last of the great feats of mountaineering in the Alps, with the Eiger and that of the Grandes Jorasses which together form the three great north faces of the Alps. (Wikipedia).

The scenery is automatically declared by the installer. You do not have to do anything except click Next.

How to get there ?

You can start a flight from the coordinates below that will place you just above the Matterhorn :

Latitude : 45° 58′ 35″ N
Longitude : 39′ 30″ E

Otherwise, the nearest airport is Bern (LSZB) in Switzerland, about 127 Klm, lets start your flight plan !

Cervino 3 Sud -petit

Cervino 800x-petit

parete Etr4b c-petit

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