Mt Adams and Mt St. Helens FSX & P3D

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Created 10-10-2015
Changed 20-11-2017
License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer Scenery v11
Author : Blue Sky Scenery external
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Wide photo-real HD scenery (1m / pixel) of a large part of the state of Washington (US) and a piece of Oregon, the scenery includes the following airport KTDO, KCLS, KKLS and KAST. You can fly over Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens (active stratovolcano), some parts of Hood River, Astoria (KAST), Longview (KKLS), Vancouver (WA) ...

Each airport has been placed in the right position and added some buildings. Adding a watermask, coasts redefinition + 10m resolution mesh.


This download is very heavy 4.70 GB if you are not a Jumbo member expect to wait some hours of download. This scenery was divided into 6 parts, after the download unzip everything into a folder and click on mt_adams_and_mt_st__helens.exe to start the automatic installation.

Photoreal area :
1mapfsx 2015-10-10 03-17-39-56fsx 2015-10-10 03-21-27-60fsx 2015-10-10 03-22-01-54fsx 2015-10-10 03-26-37-72fsx 2015-10-10 03-27-56-18fsx 2015-10-10 03-30-19-59fsx 2015-10-10 03-39-45-73fsx 2015-10-10 03-42-13-14fsx 2015-10-10 03-44-21-12JAC North5West15 2JAC North5West16 1
Mt Adams and Mt St. Helens FSX & P3D Download